Service Design for Education Part 1: Discovery Phase

This post is part of an independent study project. I am working with two professors on an ongoing research project about service design for education. My role involves developing materials for workshops where full-time, part-time and tenured educators can collaborate on curriculum development.

What I Did

Two weeks ago, I started watching Marc Stickdorn’s talk about service design. I browsed a few articles about service design to gain a basic understanding.

Ecosystem Map by Christopher Robin Roberts

What I Learned

From Stickdorn’s talk, I learned a basic overview of what service design is: designing experiences with the entire end-to-end experience in mind. I also learned a few key things:

  • The customer journey is made up of a sequence of touch points (some controllable and some not)
  • Even non-physical things such as daydreaming about your future vacation can be part of the pre-service experience

What New Questions I Have:

  • Who are the customers that we are aiming to satisfy in this project? Do we have an ecosystem map?
  • How might this small project affect things in the larger picture?
  • How do school officials feel about the quality of students graduating from this program?
  • Would it be beneficial to include students in these workshops?

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Part 2: Learning InDesign

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