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Designer and lifelong learner |


  • Cassini Nazir

    Cassini Nazir

    Designer of conversations, curricula, and interfaces. Interaction Design faculty at UNT. Past Design Director of @artscilab.

  • Hiba Hashmi

    Hiba Hashmi

  • Superna Gupta

    Superna Gupta

    बायोइन्जीनियर, भारत में पैदा हुआ। भगवान आपका भला करे।

  • Abeer Eltanawy

    Abeer Eltanawy

    My name is Abeer (a-beer). I believe that an inclusive world is a collaborative one where everyone keeps evolving with a high aptitude of learning.

  • Miriam Khakwani

    Miriam Khakwani

  • Denver Siu

    Denver Siu

    UX Designer open to work, writing about Personal Growth and Observations!

  • Badees Nouiouat

    Badees Nouiouat

    On a continuous path of improving myself. I write about business, social issues, personal development, and my faith. Cooking and culture enthusiast 😊

  • Justin Webber

    Justin Webber

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