Service Design for Education Part 2: Learning How to Use InDesign

This post is part of an independent study project. I am working with two professors on an ongoing research project about service design for education. My role involves developing materials for workshops where full-time, part-time and tenured educators can collaborate on curriculum development. Please start by reading Part 1 first.

What I Did



Planning and Prototyping

Quick sketches for 4 cards that fit on an 8.5 x 11" paper and only need to be cut twice
0.125" (0p9) bleed margin vs. 0.25" (1p6) bleed margin
Physical print outs to see if the smaller bleed was easy enough to cut and which one felt better to hold
Empty Card Template — > Prototype with Merged Data
Prototype Printed + Cut Out
Excel Template

What I Learned

Feedback from professor Farrar:

New Questions

Continue the Series:

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Designer and lifelong learner |